Web Content Tips

Let’s say you just downloaded an elegant theme for your professional website or blog. You have a nicely cropped logo image, you know what color the links should be, and how to change the typeface so that it matches your branded stationery.

Now the design elements are perfect. But the customization job is not done until you factor in your content.

The WordPress theme you’re customizing looks really nice on its live demo page, with dummy content and images. However, when you translate that theme into a real website, relevant and well-presented content is what you really need. Web content includes a variety of components. Not only written copy, but also images, videos, podcasts, etc. This stuff will make or break your website.

As web designer and digital copywriter and strategist, my specialty lies with manipulating and laying out the visual elements of a website as well as producing engaging copy.

This is the place where I collect tips and tricks, resources, all valuable stuff I learn along the way on producing and structuring web content that turns your WordPress theme into a real, results-oriented, winning website.

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