To get anyone to read your awesome blog post, a killer headline and a clever hierarchy of enticing titles, are a must-have.

Michael Fortin says:

A headline is meant to do two vital things. No more and no less. First, it needs to grab your reader’s attention. And the headline’s second job is to pull the reader into the copy.

With such a crucial role to play, the words you choose for your titles can’t be left to chance. Below are three tips from the experts on how to craft captivating headlines for your blog or landing page.

1 Recipe: The Promise

In Dane Maxwell‘s view, a great headline has these components:

End result customer wants + Time period to get the result + Objection.

Here are a couple of examples:

Your Home Sold [Promise] in 30 Days [Time Period] or I’ll Buy It! [Objection]

Learn French [Promise] in 60 Days [Time Period] or Your Money Back! [Objection]

This simple formula is successful because it promises the solution to a specific problem the audience is having.

Also, it’s not a vague promise: the time frame makes the expected result concrete and measurable.

Finally, the objection part of the title is reassuring and helps to build up trust.

2 Recipe: The Gap

This formula is from Michael Fortin.

Communicate a painful situation that creates a gap between the pain and your solution. Next, add a trigger. Triggers are those emotions that typically dominate your target market. Use words that evoke those emotions to craft your title’s opening statement.

For instance:

Insurances Are Ripping You Off [Anger Trigger], Here’s Why and What You Can Do about It [Your Solution].

Boost Your Income by 80% [Greed Trigger] in Seven Simple Steps [Your Solution].

3 Recipe: The Whole Package

This recipe is by the writer Jeff Goins. Here’s how it goes:

Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise.

This is a clever tip that includes a few elements from the previous approaches, like the trigger and the promise. It also suggests adding an interesting adjective and a keyword to the mix.

Jeff’s examples are:

18 [Number] Unbelievable [Adjective] Ways You Can Bathe an Elephant Indoors [Keyword + Promise].

How You Can Effortlessly [Adjective] Sell Your Home [Promise + Keyword] in Less than 24 Hours [Number].

To Sum Up
Writing catchy headlines that draw your audience into reading your blog is never a last minute affair. Practice makes perfect, but there are techniques expert writers and entrepreneurs use that you can quickly apply in your website. The examples above could sound a bit crude, but they help to get the point across with clarity.

I personally add this to the recipes above:

Always envision who you’re talking with, your audience. Give prominence to what’s important to them in your headline, and chances are you’ll get the right people to read your content.

Oh, one more thing: make sure your content matches the title. Nothing frustrates more your visitors than reading an attention-grabbing headline followed by boring or irrelevant content.

What are your tips to write irresistible headlines? Let me know in the comments below.

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