Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme

How to Change the Fonts in the Twenty Fifteen Theme

One common customization request from clients is to have a different typeface for their WordPress theme. If you’d like to do the same in your theme, you need to apply a different font-family in the CSS document.

In this short video, I’m going to show you how to replace the fonts in the Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme with your own chosen fonts.


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WordPress Theme

Three Ways of Customizing a WordPress Theme without Messing up Core Files

In this post, I’m going to show you three approaches to WordPress theme customization that don’t involve modifying the theme’s core files.

There’s a very important reason why leaving the core files untouched is the way to go: it ensures that whatever modifications you make will be preserved after installing an updated version of your theme.

You’ll learn when it’s appropriate to use each of the three methods. Also, I point you to a couple of useful plugins that will make your theme makeover labors much easier.

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Simple Portfolio WordPress Plugin

Add A Portfolio Section To Your WordPress Theme In Five Minutes

Hi, welcome to a new video tutorial. This is the first one of 2015 – it’s especially easy to follow and the end result is great. Learn how to add a Portfolio section to your WordPress theme using the Easy Portfolio plugin, freely available on the plugins repository.

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Parents and child symbolizing WordPress parent and child theme relation

It’s Time To Change How You Set Up Your WordPress Child Theme

The WordPress Codex article on how to create a WP child theme has lately added a sweeping short observation about how to include the parent theme’s stylesheet into the child theme.

Being sweeping and short could bring with it unclarity and mysteriousness in its wake. What I’m going to discuss here is just a case in point. Here’s what this is all about.

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WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme

How To Change The Default Number Of Featured Posts Displayed In The WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme

I just came across a great question in the Forums. It went something like this.

How do I change the default maximum number of featured posts displayed in the WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme.

Accomplishing this task is not immediately obvious, but it’s not complicated. Here’s how.

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Free WordPress Oxygen Theme

How To Set Up The Home Page Slider On The Oxygen WordPress Theme

Here’s another demonstration of how to set up the Home page slider in your favorite theme. This time, the WordPress theme I’m going to consider is the free Oxygen theme by Griden from This beautiful magazine-style theme comes with a built-in slider that only needs a few configuration steps to be up and running. Here’s what you need to do.

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Free WordPress Capture Theme

Set Up A Home Page Slider On The Capture WordPress Theme

A question that often users pose on web design and WordPress forums is about how to set up the slider in their theme so that the home page looks the same as the theme’s demo page.

Each theme has its own specific slider set-up, therefore in this video I’m going to focus on one particular free theme available on the repository, the Capture Theme, ideal for, but not limited to, big photography websites.

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WordPress Media Library

Five Steps You Need To Take When Adding Images To Your WordPress Theme

The first task when customizing a WordPress theme is adding your own images, especially the logo, background image, slider images, post and page featured images.

But, be aware: the images on your WordPress blog are the most obvious telling sign of its level of professionalism or amateurishness.

Taking the five steps I outline below, will greatly improve the look of your website as well as your website’s visitors’ experience and your site’s search engines ranking.

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Twenty Fourteen Theme Layout

How To Modify The Footer Of A WordPress Theme The Right Way

One question that comes up a lot on WordPress help forums is how to change one’s theme’s footer text.

Here’s a quick video on how to do this using WordPress default theme Twenty Fourteen

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WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme

How To Change Widgets And Vertical Menu Display In WordPress Twenty Fourteen

Very recently, I had a great client who turned to me for a solution to a customization problem. He’d been working with the WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme, and wanted to change the way widgets and the vertical menu are ordered in the theme’s left column.

Here’s what I did to achieve the desired result.

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