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Quickly Add Customizer Options without any Code

If you’re curious to know how to add some new Customizer options to any WordPress theme (no code required), this is the video for you.

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Optimize your WP Customizer Development with Kirki

WordPress themes users more and more expect to be able to change aspects of their theme’s appearance without touching any code. The latest tool to deliver theme options is the WordPress Customizer. Kirki is a great, evolving Customizer wrapper that optimizes development time with the WordPress Customizer.

If you’d like to know more about how to work with the Kirki Toolkit, here’s my latest article on SitePoint:

Fast WordPress Customizer Options Development with Kirki.

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WordPress Options Panels are Dead, Long Live the Customizer

Fantastic news from the WordPress.org Theme Review Team:

We have made a new requirement regarding theme options. We are going to be requiring use of the customizer for all options from now. This applies to all new themes (submitted after this post is published). All existing themes have 6 months from today before we enforce this.

At the time of writing, the Customizer is a WP.org requirement, not a recommendation.

This means that, if theme authors wish to offer users the ability to add customizations in the WordPress back-end, they must implement this functionality via the Customizer – nothing else will do.

I’m absolutely ecstatic about this decision. Here’s why.

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