Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme

Swap a Full-width Header Image with a Logo in Twenty Fifteen WP Theme

Have you ever felt the urge to replace the big header image in the Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme with a small logo? If your answer is a heartfelt ‘Yes!’, this video is for you.

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Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme

How To Add A Widget Area To The Twenty Fifteen Theme Footer

The latest default WordPress theme is Twenty Fifteen, a lovely blogging theme that makes a bold statement in terms of breaking away from familiar blog layouts.

There’s a fixed sidebar to the left that turns into a header in mobile view, a minimal footer area, beautiful typography and nice featured image area.

The theme is quite impressive, but understandably users still want to customize it and make it their own.

I’ve just come across a Twenty Fifteen user who asked to display widgets in the footer area. However, this theme only offers one sidebar (which is a widget-ready area in WordPress language).

Adding a widget area to the Twenty Fifteen footer is not different from adding a widget area in most WordPress themes.

Here’s how.

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