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Three Ways of Customizing a WordPress Theme without Messing up Core Files

In this post, I’m going to show you three approaches to WordPress theme customization that don’t involve modifying the theme’s core files.

There’s a very important reason why leaving the core files untouched is the way to go: it ensures that whatever modifications you make will be preserved after installing an updated version of your theme.

You’ll learn when it’s appropriate to use each of the three methods. Also, I point you to a couple of useful plugins that will make your theme makeover labors much easier.

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Parents and child symbolizing WordPress parent and child theme relation

It’s Time To Change How You Set Up Your WordPress Child Theme

The WordPress Codex article on how to create a WP child theme has lately added a sweeping short observation about how to include the parent theme’s stylesheet into the child theme.

Being sweeping and short could bring with it unclarity and mysteriousness in its wake. What I’m going to discuss here is just a case in point. Here’s what this is all about.

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WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme

How To Change The Default Number Of Featured Posts Displayed In The WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme

I just came across a great question in the WordPress.org Forums. It went something like this.

How do I change the default maximum number of featured posts displayed in the WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme.

Accomplishing this task is not immediately obvious, but it’s not complicated. Here’s how.

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WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme

How To Change Widgets And Vertical Menu Display In WordPress Twenty Fourteen

Very recently, I had a great client who turned to me for a solution to a customization problem. He’d been working with the WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme, and wanted to change the way widgets and the vertical menu are ordered in the theme’s left column.

Here’s what I did to achieve the desired result.

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