Let’s Dive into the Customizer Options of your Pizzaland Child Theme

Welcome to the last part of our tutorial series on how to recreate the Pizzaland Child Theme live demo.

In this part, we’re going to explore the customization options the theme offers from the Customize panel.

Let’s get started!

Customizing the Header

Changing the Color Scheme and Background Image

Customizing the Footer Area

A common request from WordPress theme users is to change the footer text. Pizzaland offers the functionality of changing the footer text to your liking from the Customize panel.

Here’s the HTML markup for the footer text that you’ll see me add in the video. Feel free to replace the text with content relevant to your website.

Left column:

<h2>Pizzaland Restaurant</h2>
<p>Mon–Fr : 12.30pm–3pm</p>
<p>Sat–Sun : 12.30pm–10pm</p>

Right column:

<h2>Piazza Colosseo, Rome</h2>
<p>Tel:<a href="tel:+39555555555">+39 555555555</a></p>
<p>Email:<a href="mailto:info@pizzaland.com">info@pizzaland.com</a></p>

Bottom footer text:

Designed and coded by Maria Antonietta Perna from
<a href="https://wpthememakeover.com/">WPThemeMakeover</a>

Customizing the Front Page

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the series. Thank you for staying with me throughout the entire journey! If you’re busy taking care of your awesome business and would like me to look after your website customization, get in touch using the contact form in the Pizzaland Home page.

Let’s talk!

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