It’s all about security

#​462 — November 10, 2022 Read on the Web Node.js Security Best Practices — A new official document from the Node.js team providing guidelines on securing your Node apps by looking at what the main threats are and how to mitigate them. Node.js Project And.. Node Security Releases: 19.0.1, 18.12.1, 16.18.1 and 14.21.1 — Three security issues

Celebrating 200 Websites With Out in Tech!

In September, our team celebrated 200 websites built with Out in Tech, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating career and networking opportunities for LGBTQ+ folks in the tech industry. Since 2017, Automattic and have been proud partners of Out in Tech. Through our partnership, we work together with volunteers to build essential websites for LGBTQ+ organization

Is Turbopack really 10x faster than Vite?

#​613 — November 4, 2022 Read on the Web Together with  JavaScript Weekly What Is a ‘Realm’ in JavaScript? — One of those things you don’t need to know, but that will flesh out your understanding of JS under the hood. A realm is essentially the complete execution environment for a JavaScript program. Gal Weizman Then

M2M vs. IoT: Understanding the Differences

When comparing Machine-to-machine communication (M2M for short) and the Internet of Things, one of the biggest differences revolves around the fundamental elements that form the basis for these concepts. M2M technology is about rapid accumulation of data from sensors and its exchange over countless servers. IoT works on top of M2M technology and expand the

Getting Rusty with Node, but in a good way

#​461 — November 3, 2022 Read on the Web Together with  Node Security Releases Expected.. Today? — Releases of Node 14.x, 16.x, 18.x and 19.x are expected imminently to address three security vulnerabilities. The good news is when they do appear, they’ll update the post we’re linking to, so by the time you see this,

Business Environment Analysis: Why It Matters

Before businesses launch a product or enter a target market, they conduct extensive research to determine the success rate of the business venture. They look at the market need for their product, identify their customers and competition, and review the laws and regulations governing the sale or production of their product. The list goes on. 

Turbo-charged incremental bundling au Rust

#​612 — October 28, 2022 Read on the Web Together with  JavaScript Weekly Turbopack: A Rust-Based ‘Successor’ to Webpack — With over 3 billion downloads, webpack is currently the undisputed champion of the bundlers (though Vite has been rapidly advancing upon it). Vercel found it too slow so has funded work on Turbopack, powered by

Node 18 goes LTS

#​460 — October 27, 2022 Read on the Web Together with  route-list: CLI Tool to Display Express/Koa/Hapi/Fastify Routes — If you’ve got a Node-based webapp and you want to see all of its endpoints in an elegant way, here’s an option. Vladimir Mikulic Node 18 Becomes Active LTS with v18.12.0 — Formerly a ‘current’ release getting