Now npm fans can walk the Deno-saur

#​463 — November 17, 2022 Read on the Web Deno 1.28 Released (Now with 1.3 Million New Modules..?) — Yes, we know Deno isn’t Node (it is an anagram of it, though 😏) but given its shared provenance and now that Deno now officially supports using npm modules in a ‘stable’ way, this is newsworthy.

What Is Meant by WordPress Development?

WordPress developers use PHP, a powerful scripting language, to build websites. They also use plugins, which make the platform easier to maintain. WordPress themes define the style and layout of a website. While front-end developers build a website’s look and feel, WordPress developers build the back-end structure of that site. They do not write code

SumatoSoft Specializes in Human-centered designs that Build Trust Among Users 

Leading industry enthusiasts significantly contribute to the digital growth of companies and industries in Massachusetts. SumatoSoft is one of those trusted companies that help digitize its client businesses. The company excels in building custom software products and applying the best IT innovations for meeting  business goals.   SumatoSoft meticulosly sets processes, assures transparency in operations,

Rome wasn’t rewritten in a day

#​614 — November 11, 2022 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Rome v10: Rust-Powered JS Linting and Formatting — A project founded by the original creator of Babel naturally provokes interest. Rome’s ambitious mission is to unify all the frontend dev tools you’d need into one, and formatting and linting is where they’ve started with

Your Road To Success: Technical SEO vs on-page SEO

We live in a digital world where organizations look for versatility and functionality to attain a better image and give cut-throat competition to other brands. This is exactly why Software as a Service (SaaS) is gaining popularity these days. SaaS offers brands access to complicated software in a simple, flexible, and affordable manner.  We found