One common customization request from clients is to have a different typeface for their WordPress theme. If you’d like to do the same in your theme, you need to apply a different font-family in the CSS document.

In this short video, I’m going to show you how to replace the fonts in the Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme with your own chosen fonts.


Add a Child Theme and Let’s Get Started
To follow along with the video, you’ll need a Twenty Fifteen child theme. Inside your child theme, add a functions.php file where your PHP code will go. Also, add a style.css file. Here you’ll be adding the CSS rules to apply your chosen fonts to the web elements.

With all of this in place, it’s time to get to work.

If you need help creating a child theme, here’s a great plugin that makes the process a breeze:

Child Theme Creator by Orbisius.

Here’s a couple of references to know more about WordPress pluggable functions:

Codex article on wp_enqueue_style.

Codex article on wp_dequeue_style.

Codex article on wp_enqueue_scripts.

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