In this short video I answer a WordPress user who wanted to set up an online shop using the free Virtue Theme by Kadence Themes.

Here are her requirements:

Name of the Shop page: Store.
Drop-down menu containing 4 categories with subcategories, and the products assigned to the subcategories.
Store page displaying 4 thumbnails of the corresponding 4 categories.
Category page displaying thumbnails of the corresponding subcategories.
Subcategory page displaying products thumbnails assigned to that subcategory.
Since the Virtue theme supports Woocommerce out of the box, and given the reliability and high quality of this free WordPress plugin, I recommended using Woocommerce for this task.

Notice: This is not a tutorial on how to set up a shop using Woocommerce, but only a quick video on how to meet this particular user’s requirements. Of course, this solution can be extended to anyone who’d like to set up an online shop according to similar requirements.

I hope you find this short tutorial useful 🙂

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