A Redesigned Reader Experience

If you’ve recently visited the WordPress.com Reader, you may have noticed some aesthetic improvements. Today we’re giving you a quick visual tour of those changes and inviting you to check out our new and improved Reader if it’s been a while. Let’s jump in! Streamlined Consistency Each of the individual cards within the reader have been

Vite 4.0 released

#​618 — December 9, 2022 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Vite 4.0 Released — From the same creator as Vue.js, Vite is an exciting piece of frontend tooling offering lots of goodies out of the box: fast hot module replacement, instant server starts, optimized builds with Rollup, TypeScript and JSX support (more on why

Welcome Back, Bloganuary!

As 2022 comes to a close, we at WordPress.com are preparing to ring in the new year. As we get ready to say goodbye to 2022, we’re thinking about how quickly time has flown by this past year.  Beijing hosted the Winter Olympics in February, the James Webb Space Telescope started transmitting jaw-droppingly beautiful photos

Give the Gift of WordPress.com!

For a holiday gift that’s absolutely brimming with possibility, look no further than our brand new feature which allows any reader to gift a WordPress.com subscription renewal to their favorite website.   As a website owner, this is a way to allow your most ardent fans to show their gratitude for all the hard work you’ve

We Heard You Wanted to Add SSH Keys

In September 2022, we released SSH for Business and eCommerce sites. SSH (secure shell protocol) allows you to access your site from the command line and use tools such as WP-CLI to manage your site, plugins, users, and more. Our users loved the feature — but they wanted more. So we’re pleased to announce that we’ve


#​617 — December 2, 2022 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly AppSignal for Node.js 3.0 Introduces OpenTelemetry Support — AppSignal now supports OpenTelemetry, the open-source standard for telemetry data collection. We’ve also added support for 6 new integrations in this release. AppSignal sponsor Electron 22.0 Released, Plus Other Electron News — The long standing cross platform

JavaScript Vocoder Puccini

#​616 — November 25, 2022 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly The State of JavaScript 2022 Survey is Open — JavaScript’s most popular annual survey is open once again. The results (2021’s, for example) are always fascinating to see, so go share your knowledge so we can see where JavaScript is headed. There’s a ‘guest’

Black Friday: All of Our Deals in One Spot

You’re already familiar with WordPress.com, but did you know we’re part of a larger family of amazing products? Automattic provides a range of online solutions, from ecommerce shops to course-creation software to audience survey tools, and much, much more. No matter what’s on your website wishlist this year, we’ve got you covered.    After all, the