JavaScript Vocoder Puccini

#​616 — November 25, 2022 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly The State of JavaScript 2022 Survey is Open — JavaScript’s most popular annual survey is open once again. The results (2021’s, for example) are always fascinating to see, so go share your knowledge so we can see where JavaScript is headed. There’s a ‘guest’

Black Friday: All of Our Deals in One Spot

You’re already familiar with, but did you know we’re part of a larger family of amazing products? Automattic provides a range of online solutions, from ecommerce shops to course-creation software to audience survey tools, and much, much more. No matter what’s on your website wishlist this year, we’ve got you covered.    After all, the

Nuxt 3.0, TypeScript 4.9, Angular 15..

#​615 — November 18, 2022 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly What’s So Great About Functional Programming? — If anyone has excitedly insisted you check out Elm, PureScript, Haskell or F#, they may have caught Functionitis™ and want you to catch it too. James, author of the forthcoming Skeptic’s Guide to Functional Programming with JavaScript,