Parents and child symbolizing WordPress parent and child theme relation

It’s Time To Change How You Set Up Your WordPress Child Theme

The WordPress Codex article on how to create a WP child theme has lately added a sweeping short observation about how to include the parent theme’s stylesheet into the child theme.

Being sweeping and short could bring with it unclarity and mysteriousness in its wake. What I’m going to discuss here is just a case in point. Here’s what this is all about.

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Free WordPress Oxygen Theme

How To Set Up The Home Page Slider On The Oxygen WordPress Theme

Here’s another demonstration of how to set up the Home page slider in your favorite theme. This time, the WordPress theme I’m going to consider is the free Oxygen theme by Griden from This beautiful magazine-style theme comes with a built-in slider that only needs a few configuration steps to be up and running. Here’s what you need to do.

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Free WordPress Capture Theme

Set Up A Home Page Slider On The Capture WordPress Theme

A question that often users pose on web design and WordPress forums is about how to set up the slider in their theme so that the home page looks the same as the theme’s demo page.

Each theme has its own specific slider set-up, therefore in this video I’m going to focus on one particular free theme available on the repository, the Capture Theme, ideal for, but not limited to, big photography websites.

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Styles WordPress Plugin

How To Customize Your WordPress Theme With The Styles Plugin

More often than not changing fonts, colors and images to your WordPress theme is all it takes to make it look unique and reflect your own brand.

If you’re familiar with coding, it’s fun to do it yourself, I quite love it. However, for those who have no sympathy for any coding whatsoever, or have other pursuits that take precedence in life, here’s a great plugin that comes to the rescue, the Styles plugin, by Paul Clark, Cindy, and 10up, freely downloadable from the plugins repository.

Here’s what it does, how to install it, and how to add support for it in your own theme.

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