featured products slider in woocommerce

How to Code a WooCommerce Featured Products Slider in Your Theme

If you’re curious about how to add a slider showcasing Woocommerce featured products on the shop page of your theme, you’re in the right place.

The slider I have in mind is not a WordPress slider plugin, but a desktop and mobile optimized jQuery plugin called bxSlider, designed and built by Steven Wanderski.

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Portfolio Post Type Plugin

Add A Portfolio To Your WP Website With Portfolio Post Type Plugin

This is the first of a video series on WordPress portfolio plugins.

I inaugurate the series with the free Portfolio Post Type plugin by Devin Price and Gary Jones.

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WP eCommerce Masonry Layout

Add A Masonry Layout To The WP eCommerce Plugin’s Products Page

This video shows you how to add a Masonry-powered tiled layout to the free WP eCommerce WordPress plugin products page.

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jQuery for Designers Second Edition by Natalie MacLees

Book Review – jQuery For Designers By Natalie MacLees

jQuery for Designers Second Edition (Packt Publishing 2014) by Natalie MacLees is certainly one of the best learning resources I’ve come across lately.

The way it came into my hands was totally by chance, actually by sheer good luck.

I simply happened to win a contest on the occasion of Natalie MacLees’ guest appearance on one of the well-known WPElevation podcasts. The best prize was Natalie’s book, and I won! Thank you WPElevation and thank you Natalie for making available a copy of your book to the winner.

The second edition of jQuery for Designers (the first one goes back to 2012) is jam packed with how-tos, web design best practices, latest CSS3 techniques, and ways to test your learning. All of this, set in the concrete context of carrying out practical tasks that can be considered quite common practice when building contemporary website designs.

The author, Natalie MacLees, is a brilliant developer and WordPress expert. I also add, a great teacher: she succeeds in presenting what to some appears as a scary subject, like JavaScript and coding more generally, as being user-friendly, approachable, and quite harmless really.

Let’s take a closer look into Natalie’s book.

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