Pizzaland Twenty Fifteen Child Theme for Restaurants

Adding Google Maps to Pizzaland (or any WordPress Theme)

If you have a WordPress-powered business website, chances are you’ll want to help your customers find you in the easiest possible way.

One of the best ways to do so is to add a Google Maps pointing to your business location.

In this video I’m going to show you how to add Google Maps functionality to my Pizzaland WordPress theme for restaurants, bistros, and cafes.

It’s quick and involves little to no code.

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Lightbox for WP Gallery

Add a Lightbox Effect to the WP Gallery (without a Plugin)

I think the Gallery component in WordPress is quite cool.  It’s a pity that if you link the gallery image to the image file, the browser displays the image file on its own page and you’re left without any other way of going back to the website except for clicking the back button.  This is far from ideal.

Users will have a much better experience if, by clicking on the image, this pops up with a fancy lightbox effect without leaving the gallery page.

In this post I wrote for SitePoint, I show you how to add a lightbox effect by integrating jQuery Colorbox with the WordPress Gallery from inside your theme.  All this without bloating your website’s code with one more WordPress plugin:

Adding a Stylish Lightbox Effect to the WordPress Gallery

Enjoy 🙂

MH Magazine Lite Theme with Menu Search Box

Add a Show/Hide Search Box to the Menu Area of the MH Magazine Lite Theme

Today I’ve come across an interesting question on the support forum: How do I add a toggling search box to the MH Magazine Lite theme?

Here’s a video that shows you how to accomplish this (download .zip file available).

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Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme

Swap a Full-width Header Image with a Logo in Twenty Fifteen WP Theme

Have you ever felt the urge to replace the big header image in the Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme with a small logo? If your answer is a heartfelt ‘Yes!’, this video is for you.

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Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme

How to Change the Fonts in the Twenty Fifteen Theme

One common customization request from clients is to have a different typeface for their WordPress theme. If you’d like to do the same in your theme, you need to apply a different font-family in the CSS document.

In this short video, I’m going to show you how to replace the fonts in the Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme with your own chosen fonts.


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WordPress Theme

Three Ways of Customizing a WordPress Theme without Messing up Core Files

In this post, I’m going to show you three approaches to WordPress theme customization that don’t involve modifying the theme’s core files.

There’s a very important reason why leaving the core files untouched is the way to go: it ensures that whatever modifications you make will be preserved after installing an updated version of your theme.

You’ll learn when it’s appropriate to use each of the three methods. Also, I point you to a couple of useful plugins that will make your theme makeover labors much easier.

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Dorian Blogging Theme

How to Set up Dorian, My Theme

In this post I’m going to show you how to set up my first theme, Dorian. I’ll be showing you the Customizer options, how to control the output of the post excerpt, and how to create both the main navigation and the social links.

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Customized Sobe WordPress Theme

How to Ditch the Bloated WordPress Theme and Add Features Only As You Need them

For personal or hobbyist websites where hiring a professional can be considered as a bit of an overkill, Do-It-Yourself WordPress users face at least a couple of options.

Option A: getting a feature-rich theme with a crammed options panel bursting with different layouts, hundreds of shortcodes, infinite color options, etc.

Option B: getting a lean, clean theme and adding features only as needed.

Option B is my favorite, and in this post I’m going to explain why. Also, I’m going to put this approach to the test by showing how to customize the Home page of an attractive but simple WordPress theme, adding some extra features and nice enhancements, without any coding.

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