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Optimize your WP Customizer Development with Kirki

WordPress themes users more and more expect to be able to change aspects of their theme’s appearance without touching any code. The latest tool to deliver theme options is the WordPress Customizer. Kirki is a great, evolving Customizer wrapper that optimizes development time with the WordPress Customizer.

If you’d like to know more about how to work with the Kirki Toolkit, here’s my latest article on SitePoint:

Fast WordPress Customizer Options Development with Kirki.


Artistic Effects with the CSS3 mix-blend-mode Property

With the CSS3 mix-blend-mode property you can quickly blend SVG and HTML elements to produce awesome artistic effects without complicated professional-level image editors.

If you’re interested, here’s A Close-up Look at the CSS mix-blend-mode Property, my latest post for SitePoint 🙂