A List of Typeface Pairing Tools in My Latest Article on SitePoint

If you’re looking for some great resources to come up with awesome typeface combinations in a hurry, head over to my article on SitePoint:

20 Inspirational, Free Tools For Better Typeface Pairing

SVG versus HTML5 Canvas

How to Choose Between HTML5 Canvas and SVG

If you’re a web designer or developer who’s wondering about the difference between SVG and HTML5 Canvas and which technology is better for which kind of projects, then my latest article for SitePoint is a great place to start:

Canvas vs. SVG: Choosing the Right Tool for the Job


P.S. The featured image at the top is a modified version of the SVG logo and the HTML5 Logo by W3C.

Material Design Lite by Google

Learning about Material Design

The Material Design philosophy by Google has found its incarnation in a real HTML/CSS/JavaScript library called Material Design Lite. Developing websites with the Material Design look and feel is now much easier, and you can be sure you’re getting it right because the library has been authored by the very same Google.

If you’re curious about how to implement Material Design in a real HTML theme, head over to my latest article for SitePoint:

A Practical Introduction to Material Design Lite by Google.


CodePen code sample for CSS3 Feature Queries

Clever CSS3 with Feature Queries

If you thought CSS is only good for making a website look pretty, think again.

With CSS3 @supports rule, CSS can now query the browser about what it can and can’t support.

If you’re interested to know more, here’s my latest post on SitePoint to show you exactly that:

An Introduction to CSS’s @supports Rule (Feature Queries)

Web Design Trends for 2016 - Creative Market

My Take on Web Design Trends 2016 for Creative Market

Exciting new developments in web technologies lead me to believe that more originality and immersive story telling will make the web more beautiful in 2016.

Here’s my first article for my favorite place for graphic assets, Creative Market:

Top Web Design Trends for 2016

WordPress.org Doingitwrong theme

Become the Best by Learning from the Worst

There’s one practical, fun way of becoming a better WordPress theme developer and WordPress.org theme reviewer at the same time. Have you heard of the doingitwrong theme?

It’s a theme where anything you shouldn’t do in a theme gets done. The WordPress.org theme review team has made it available as a learning resource: doing it wrong teaches you how to do it right.

You can learn more on how to use the doingitwrong theme on my latest article for SitePoint.

Responsive Web Design

My Article about Responsive Web Design on HowToGetOnline

If you have a responsive website for your business, that’s great! But, if you’re curious to know how to take full advantage of its power to better serve your customers, here’s my latest article on HowToGetOnline.guru:

A Guide to Responsive Web Design & Best Practices

Image courtesy of Bo-Yi Wu on Flickr

Lightbox for WP Gallery

Add a Lightbox Effect to the WP Gallery (without a Plugin)

I think the Gallery component in WordPress is quite cool.  It’s a pity that if you link the gallery image to the image file, the browser displays the image file on its own page and you’re left without any other way of going back to the website except for clicking the back button.  This is far from ideal.

Users will have a much better experience if, by clicking on the image, this pops up with a fancy lightbox effect without leaving the gallery page.

In this post I wrote for SitePoint, I show you how to add a lightbox effect by integrating jQuery Colorbox with the WordPress Gallery from inside your theme.  All this without bloating your website’s code with one more WordPress plugin:

Adding a Stylish Lightbox Effect to the WordPress Gallery

Enjoy 🙂