Extractors for ECMAScript

#​607 — September 23, 2022 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Tesseract.js 3.0: Pure JS OCR for Over 100 Languages — A port of the C++-based Tesseract library commonly used for visual text recognition. It can even work upon videos in real time. v3 boasts a big performance boost with 84% lower running time and

How TypeScript 4.9 satisfies

#​608 — September 30, 2022 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly The Web Almanac 2022’s Take on the State of JavaScript (As It Is Used) — What’s better: a survey, or real world usage data from 8 million Web sites? If you prefer the latter, this is for you. The Web Almanac is an annual ‘state

Creating an npm package in 2022

#​454 — September 15, 2022 Read on the Web Best Practices for Creating a Modern npm Package — A step-by-step “as of 2022” walkthrough of creating your own npm package using current best practices. It’s very thorough and certainly worth revisiting, even if you’ve built a package already. As always, though, there’s more than one

Keep calm and carry on (using Node)

#​456 — September 29, 2022 Read on the Web “Don’t Worry, Nobody is Replacing Node.js” — A bold assertion. Fernando reflects on the growing interest in alternative runtimes like Deno and Bun, but notes none really replace Node.js wholesale in the near future. And even if they did, most of your Node skills would transfer