CSS Templates Or WordPress Themes?

Nowadays, having an online presence, be it to make one’s business or one’s views go viral, is a decision that more and more people have made or have been making as I write. Once made, however, what’s the next step? How would you go about making the move to the World Wide Web? A choice

Pros and Cons of a Free WordPress Theme

If you’re a first-time blogger or your small business is about to move its first online steps, then it makes sense to think about using a free WordPress theme to build your website. Everybody is happy to grab free stuff, however a nagging thought might still lurk in the recesses of our mind: where’s the

How to Get Your Images Ready For WordPress

One of the most common tasks for anyone who sets out to personalize a template or a theme is adding images that reflect the site’s content, business, brand, or even set the tone and emotional context for the web page. How you add photos can make or break a website. What could be easier, one

How to Create a WordPress Child Theme

WordPress themes nowadays are awesome when it comes to offering the user options to make modifications straight from the admin panel, without even having to see a line of HTML, CSS, or PHP code. You’d love a full-width layout instead of the usual sidebar? You like the sidebar, but you want to move it from