This is the first of a video series on WordPress portfolio plugins.

I inaugurate the series with the free Portfolio Post Type plugin by Devin Price and Gary Jones.

Steps In Building Your Portfolio Page
In the video below, I show how to use the Portfolio Post Type plugin on a Twenty Twelve child theme.

The portfolio items will be displayed using a tiled grid layout. Clicking on each item lands the user on the single portfolio item page.

The steps I present in the video are:

Creating the child theme using the latest recommended practice
Adding and activating the Portfolio Post Type plugin
Creating the menu link to the portfolio page
Adding portfolio items
Creating a specialized template for the portfolio archive page and the single portfolio item page
Styling the portfolio template pages
Including and initializing the JavaScript Masonry plugin.
Let’s begin!

Portfolio Post Type Plugin
Twenty Twelve Theme
JavaScript Masonry plugin
Codex article on child themes
Video recorded using

Video edited with the YouTube Video Editor.

Have you tried the Portfolio Post Type plugin on your WordPress website? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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