Many businesses have a lot of moving parts, especially companies that use SaaS solutions due to their cloud-based structure. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions can help to organize the whole workflow and eliminate some challenges companies face. We see that businesses understand it; according to an international survey, almost 64% of companies use SaaS ERP solutions to run their businesses. 

These SaaS ERP solutions often streamline important business functions such as HR, accounting, IT, orders, and customer record management. You do not need to invest in additional servers; SaaS ERP entirely runs on the cloud. If you have decided to invest in a SaaS ERP solution, it will provide you with a user-friendly interface and an option for customizable functions with automated upgrades. SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft are the most prominent SaaS ERP solutions for companies. For example, Scholarly Help is an academic writing services company that uses SaaS ERP solutions to run its business effectively.

Best SaaS ERP Solutions

If your company has planned to invest in a SaaS ERP solution, this article will provide the best ERP options with its core features.

1. SAP Business ByDesign

SAP provides the best ERP solution; often, SAP is ignored by companies, but they provide the best services. They provide a solution in various departments of the companies. SAP has capabilities to manage project management, billing, integrated financial management, revenue recognition, Sales service, Human Resources, and Project management. SAP Business ByDesign provides a solution for small to medium businesses and can be managed through the cloud.


Use to track the flow of businessThe best speed with real-time data and reportingIntegration of dashboard, module, and analytics are the best featuresUse to prepare invoices and billingManaging peopleManaging Projects in detail


Consultants of ByDesign are in very high demandLack of productized integration into the SAP portfolio rather than other ERP servicesOften it crashed Customization can be better than atomization

SAP Business ByDesign provides the best speed for real-time data and reporting. It is a good ERP solution to manage people and workflow. Integration of dashboard and analytics are considered the best feature of this Business ByDesign. But it also has some drawbacks, such as the consultant of ByDesign demanded high prices, and sometimes it crashed while using some heavy files.

2. Oracle NetSuite

Oracle specifically targets SaaS providers and software companies. They also provide the best solution for marketing, human resources, IT, finance, and other professional services. Their services are not limited to small to medium firms but have a huge structure and provide ERP solutions to large corporations.

They provide one to seven-year contracts, and their prices are also tangible, according to the size of an organization. Further, they also provide a choice of features, including project management and procurement, besides reporting and analytics that may be helpful for the future planning of the business. It allows managing your business worldwide. During the current fiscal year, Oracle Corporation’s research and development spending slightly increase and climbing to 7.2 billion dollars.


NetSuite established visibility for your businessCustomized setting according to the requirement of the businessFlexible pricing according to the budget and needs of the businessBest way to centralize core businessStrong business intelligencePeople and workflow management


Internal control is not tight enough, so universal reports can get disorganizedNo free versionNo free trialLess accessibility for SMEs, better for large companiesOnly 10 hours for online customer support

Oracle NetSuite has some strong advantages over other ERP solutions. It has strong business intelligence that manages the people and workflow within the company. Further, customized settings and flexible engagement models are also the best features of this ERP solution. But they have no free version or free trial, so it would be difficult for newly started companies to adopt this ERP solution.


SYSPRO was established in 1978; they have provided their services for four decades. They created their name in the area of manufacturing and distribution. Their core values are to enhance streamlined processes, business control costs, and improve productivity.

SYSPRO ERP solutions are not limited to supply chain management and inventory, but it works in various fields such as payment management, billing, quote, auditing forecasting, and fraud detection. Harnesses bots of SYSPRO also deduct if you are doing a repetitive task. So it strengthens the human focus as well.


Best ERP to enhance traceability.SYSPRO Point of Scale improved the system management.Increase the security of your businessLow and flexible pricesProvide rapid access to review real-time informationUser-friendly interface and easy to use


No free trialIt took time to retrieve the informationDefault systems are limited due to a lack of informationPatching is the biggest challengeCustomer support is not good enough

SYSPRO provides the best SaaS ERP solutions that enhance traceability and improve the system management of your business. Increasing the security of a company’s data is considered the key feature of SYSPRO. It has a user-friendly interface so workers can use it easily. However, they did not provide the free trial version. And for customer support services is also not good enough.

4. Sage Intacct

It is a well-suited ERP solution for companies and software providers. It also has specific capabilities such as an IT help desk, revenue recognition, supply chain management, inventory management, billing, and multiple company tasks.

Sage Intact has the ability to eliminate risky financial data entry errors. And it is the key feature of Sage Intacct; this elimination of errors leads to accurate revenue projection that is based on margin accounting and realistic cost. Further, its strict compliance with regulatory status is also beneficial. Further, it is available for all operating systems, including Android to iOS and desktop systems.


Provides scalabilityIncreased the securityGreater data integrity with less human errorMinimize the IT costsAble to manage multi-location, multi-currency, and multi-entity transactions24-hour access to real-time data


Not fit for all types of businessLack of operational functionalityA totally unique and unfamiliar process resulted from this ERP solutionInvoices need more improvementNot easy to change the implemented configuration, which leads to less flexibility

Scalability and security are the key features that Saga Intacct provides to company. It provides some special features offering greater data integrity with few human errors. It also helps minimize IT costs and provides 24/7 access to real-time data information. This integrated system also provides GAAP complaints and AICPA endorses. It is the best solution to move data and business to the cloud. However, these ERP solutions are not fitted for all types of businesses.

5. Microsoft Dynamic 365

This ERP solution is only used by large companies and corporations. It has a flexible ERP system that allows users to use various solutions in a single cloud system. It provides a unique working environment with various company departments, including Human Resources, Financial Management, Marketing & Sales, Operations, and other services departments. It also provides a unique experience to the user with a user-friendly interface and easily accessible features.    


All apps in one placeVarious ERP solutions in a single cloud systemEnhance compliance and securityThe unified and simple style of workEffective productivityPredictive Analytics provides real-time insights


Provide little data storageThe mobile app is not fully functionalUsers need the training to speed up the functionsCustomization features are more costly

Microsoft Dynamic 365 provides a virtually endless range of integration competencies with complete features that may be essential for companies. Its working model is simple and unified and has built-in predictive analytics that provides real-time insight. By using these ERP solutions, all businesses can work together fully integrated. It also has some drawbacks, such as its mobile apps not being fully functional. Its customization features are costs that are not bearable for newly started companies.

6. Oracle ERP Cloud

This cloud service is designated for companies to provide the best solutions to manage the company’s end-to-end operations. It is also known as Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, which provide the cloud solution for various departments, such as the finance department providing Oracle Financial Cloud.

Oracle Project Management Cloud, Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud, Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, Oracle Risk Management Cloud, and Customer Relationship Management Cloud are certain solutions for each department.


All services are centralized on a single platformLeading cloud services worldwideAutomats the entire businessA comprehensive accounting engine that offers multiple financial reporting needsFlexibility and balancing control is the best strength of Oracle Cloud ERPProvide agility and resilience to the business


Documentation should be improvedThe support team is not equipped with the latest toolsLimited customization rather than other SaaS ERP solutionsHigh cost of installation and yearly plansLimited product suites

Oracle is a leading cloud services provider, and many small to mid-sized and large companies use their services. All services of Oracle are centralized on a single platform. And it turns the entire business on automation. However, its documentation should be improved while they offer limited customization rather than other SaaS ERP solutions. If you want to move your business with Oracle ERP cloud, use at least a five-year plan, it will be less costly rather than other two to three years plan

7. Odoo

It is also a cloud-based ERP solutions provider with a virtual computing module. If a company utilizes its services in a beneficial manner, it can be a gateway to propping your business for success. It also provides unlimited ERP solutions in invoicing, purchase, sales modules, payment functions, CRM, HR, e-commerce, recruitment, and various projects. You just need to pay what you are getting for their services.


Customizable architectureIntegrated servicesEasy and approachable customer supportsNo fixed prices: users can pay what they need


The initial phase of business: lack of IT supportComplex setup structureLimited to small or mid-sized projects

This virtual SaaS ERP cloud computing is compatible with easy and approachable customer support with customizing architecture. Its flexible prices are also beneficial for small SaaS businesses. However, Odoo has a complex setup structure and is difficult to use for the first time. These ERP solutions are also limited to small and medium organizations.

8. Tipalti

It is an award-winning platform designed for the global payment process. It is a big platform for invoicing and billing. More than 1500 SaaS and non-SaaS company are using their services. Even 73% of businesses are using at least one application on the cloud. It also accumulates more than four million suppliers worldwide. This platform is specifically designed for the payment process; it has the ability to eliminate the 80% payable workload of various companies.


Reduce hiring needsAffiliate program integration and processingPayment risk management and fraud detectionEnhance efficiency in payment and processingReduce fraud and error in payments


Lack of capability to alleviate data security and privacy concernsLess control over AP processes

A big platform for invoicing and billing that enhances the efficiency in payment and processing, it also reduces the hiring needs by reducing the error and fraud in payments. It also has some drawbacks as well, such as users having less control over AP processes. Many companies use these services to enhance payment transactions timely.

9. Kechie ERP

It is a healthy platform that provides numerous ERP functions, including financial management, customer support, billing, and other management functions. These services also provide plenty of features for managing various departments, such as order management, procurement, and multi-warehouse management. Their services are ideal for small, medium, and large businesses.


It has the ability to control all business from one placeKeeping tabs on your sales and financeCustomized feature and less expensive payment planFully featured service on the cloud


Changes in the customized setting are difficultDoesn’t offer an HR model or Retail

Kechie ERP is one of the best SaaS ERP solutions. It has the ability to control the business from one place with a fully featured service on the cloud. It also provides customized features for the business with flexible charges. At the same time, their services do not apply to human resources and retail. After the implementation of the customized setting, it is also hard to make some other changes.

10. Rossum

Rossum is a cloud-based platform; these SaaS ERP solutions are designed to assist with spontaneous document management systems. Many businesses use this platform for all as one gateway for organizing, processing, and collecting all transactional documents such as claims, invoices, and purchase orders. It can organize all incoming documents from the email, scanner, printer, and other document management systems. Companies can use their services to streamline their documentation.

Rossum has a cognitive data capture tool that automatically identifies missing or unclear information and sends an automatic notification with suggestions to correct it. It also provides a free trial before upgradation, so you can use this platform, and after, you have to pay a certain amount according to the use of this platform. 


Easy to deploy, integrate, and customizeFast ROI browserFree TrialOffer end-to-end business intelligenceEasy to use, User-friendly interfaceAdjust the system to your necessitiesCan be assimilated into other systems as per requirement


Often OCR cannot capture the complete picture of the required dataLearning time is long and non-effectiveInconsistent speed of uploadingHard to fit in a limited budget, even for small-sized companiesLarge files take so much time to processSome files are crashed and need to be reprocessed

Rossum is also the best SaaS ERP with easy-to-deploy, integrate, and customize for all small to mid-sized and large companies. It has a fast ROI browser with end-to-end business intelligence. These services can also be assimilated according to the business requirement. However, it also has some drawbacks as well such as the learning time of Rossum is non-effective, and the speed of uploading data is inconsistent. Large files take so much time to process.

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Final Verdict

It is important for companies to use SaaS ERP solutions to streamline their business. These ERP solutions are not limited to medium or large-sized companies but can be used for small-sized or newly started organizations as well.

This article provides the best SaaS ERP solution that can be used for any small to medium and large-sized companies. Each ERP solution has many benefits and some drawbacks as well so all businesses need to choose the best SaaS ERP for their businesses as per their requirement.

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