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Maria Antonietta Perna
Maria Antonietta Perna

Hi, great having you here on WPThemeMakeover.com.

Perhaps you’ve just downloaded or bought a great template or WordPress theme for your personal blog or small business? If you have doubts as to what to do with it, whether to be hands-on or hands-off with the job of making the theme uniquely yours, then you’re in the right place.

Here you find tips and guidelines on everything and anything having to do with customizing WordPress themes and HTML templates for personal and small business websites.

My name is Maria Antonietta Perna and I’m a freelance web designer/developer with a passion for clean HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery web technologies, and an ever-increasing love for WordPress theme development and the awesome community that supports WordPress.

My expertise ranges across these fields:

  • Web design for personal and small business projects
  • WordPress theme customization
  • Custom WordPress theme development
  • Front-end and WordPress development tutorial and article writing

If you’d like some help with your WordPress project, you have a topic to suggest, or simply have a question to pose, let me know.

If you use one of my templates or theme and need support or have questions, I’m here!


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